The professionals at Fenton, Linden, and Milford Physical Therapy are dedicated to helping you recover.  We know the most effective physical therapy treatment is the result of one-to-one interaction between the patient and therapist.  Your optimal improvement comes from consistent care from a physical therapist who has specialized in treating musculoskeletal disorders. 

We offer the best treatments available to improve
your quality of life.  The clinical setting is caring,
comfortable, and motivating.  The physical
therapist carefully listens to the patient, and in
consultation with the referring physician, develops
an individualized treatment program.  Our
commitment to individualized care is what makes
our clinics exceptional.

We invite you to look over our website and learn
about our professional practice.  Download some
of our newsletters for information on exercise,
wellness, physical therapy treatment, and our
fitness center.  If you have any questions, do not
hesitate to contact us by email or phone. 
We look forward to helping you achieve your
full physical potential.
General Orthopedics
Shoulder tendonitis, bursitis
Rotator cuff injuries
Tennis/golfer elbow
Wrist injuries
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Hip bursitis
ACL sprain
Ankle sprain
Post surgery (i.e., total knee replacements and ACL repairs, arthroscopic knee/shoulder surgery
Spinal Program
Muscle strains
Herniated discs
Neck pain
Whiplash, sacroiliac injuries
Gait/Balance Program
Vestibular disorders
Fall prevention
Assistive devices
Performing Arts Injuries
Figure skating
Sports Rehabilitation
All sports-related injuries for high school, college and professional athletes
Linden Physical Therapy
Milford Physical Therapy
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